* Could there be a 50-basis point Fed rate hike in May? Citi thinks this could happen in May, June, July AND September....all guessing and speculation of course..... (CNBC)

* And the Oscar goes to......APPLE!  Yes, a technology company most known for its phones and computers, is now a leader in movie-making HOLLYWOOD, further showcasing how HYBRID companies are emerging everywhere....not just in real estate!

"I just got bored out of my skull" - a worker quitting retirement. Workers who cut out during Covid are increasingly coming off the sidelines as savings dwindle, inflation surges, and schools reopen. (Barrons)

* Second-home sales at the start of 2021 were 90% higher than they were in mid-2020, and 77% higher in December despite a typical holiday slowdown. In 2021, the average price of the top 10% of single-family homes in North America was $1.7 million, up 25% over 2020. The highest 2nd-home sales volume is in Franklin County, Fla., called the state’s forgotten coast due to its quieter towns and minimal development. Second is Sevier County, Tenn., home of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and Trigg County, Ky., known as lake country. Second homes are no longer the exclusive domain of billionaires! (PENTA)

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